What is Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a science and philosophy of healing centred upon the body’s natural ability to heal itself, if it is given the right conditions.&…


Naturopathy is a science and philosophy of healing centred upon the body’s natural ability to heal itself, if it is given the right conditions.  The Naturopath’s role is to ensure the right conditions exist in each patient.  A Naturopath considers the whole body and searches for the underlying cause of disease and then uses the most natural, non toxic and least invasive therapy available to heal the patient.

History of Naturopathy –

Naturopathy’s roots reach back as far as the ancient Greeks who used plants as medicines and it was Hippocrates – The Father of Western Medicine who first introduced the concept of treating the body as whole and using food as medicine. The practice of Naturopathy grew during the 19th Century across Europe and the United States and it has experienced exponential growth over the past two decades as people search for more holistic answers to their health concerns.

In the past, there was a disconnect between conventional medicine and Naturopathy.  However, an increasing number of conventional Doctors are beginning to understand the benefits of Naturopathy and Nutrition and are now working in conjunction with modern, professional Naturopaths to help heal their patients and improve quality of life.

Modern Naturopathy –

A modern Naturopath is highly trained in the use of natural medicines and has studied many of the conventional medical subjects such as biochemistry, anatomy and physiology. So, they are able to identify what is occurring in the patient and understand how the natural medicines will work to restore the body to health. A modern naturopath is also trained in understanding how their medicines interact with pharmaceutical drugs and all Naturopathic treatment plans should take this into consideration.

A Naturopath considers a patient’s entire health status, genetic predisposition and history before initiating an appropriate treatment plan.  Various effective techniques such as live blood analysis, urine analysis and iridology are used alongside functional pathology testing to help understand a patient’s health status.

Once this information is gathered a Sydney Naturopath will use nutrition, herbal medicine, homoeopathy and other lifestyle strategies to restore health and support ongoing wellness.

Naturopathy is about involving the patient in the health process and establishing healthy lifestyle patterns so that patients reach their genetic potential not just “get better”. Naturopaths spend the time to listen to their patients and explain the concepts involved so that patients feel understood, empowered and confident.

What happens in a naturopathic consultation? 

Initial consultations usually take 1 to 1 ½ hours and start with a detailed case history and discussion of the presenting complaints. A systematic review of each body system is then done to help the Naturopath understand where the underlying cause of disease is occurring. The Naturopathic health assessment also takes into consideration the patients physical as well as emotion and mental state.

Treatment will depend on the individual. For some patients there will be a quick response and for others it may take several months or longer.  A Naturopath is not looking to put a bandaid over the symptoms, but rather identify and eliminate the underlying cause of disease so the end result is a greater level of health.

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